Patrick Labyorteaux


Patrick Labyorteaux as Lt. "Bud" Roberts
JAG (military-speak for Judge Advocate General) is an adventure drama about an elite wing of officers trained as lawyers who investigate, prosecute and defend those accused of crimes in the military. Navy Cmdr. Harmon "Harm" Rabb (David James Elliott), an ace pilot turned lawyer, and Marine Lt. Col. Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie (Catherine Bell), a beautiful by-the-book officer, are colleagues who hold the same high standards but find themselves clashing when they choose different routes to get to the same place. The unmistakable chemistry between them must be held at bay for professional reasons as they traverse the globe together with a single mission: to search for and discover the truth. Helping them with their mission is Navy Lt. Cmdr. Bud Roberts (Patrick Labyorteaux), a lawyer who proved his grit and determination when, after losing a leg in a land mine field while on a mission, fought back and became even better at his job.
Other actors in this serie: David James Elliott as Cmdr. Harmon "Harm" Rabb Jr. Catherine Bell as Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie David Andrews as Gordon 'Biff' Cresswell Steven Culp as Special Assistant Clayton Webb Nanci Chambers as Lt. Lauren Singer Karri Turner as Ens. Harriet Simms Tracey Needham as Lt. Meg Austin John M. Jackson as Adm. A.J. Chegwidden Randy Vasquez as Gunnery Sgt. Victor Galindez Scott Lawrence as Cmdr. Sturgis Turner Zoe McLellan as P.O. Jennifer Coates Trevor Goddard as Mic Brumby Chuck Carrington as P.O. Tiner more about JAG.